Commercial Electrical Services
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At Scott Electrical South, we understand the pivotal role that a robust electrical infrastructure plays in the success and safety of your commercial endeavors. Our team of skilled electricians is committed to delivering a diverse range of commercial services designed to meet the unique demands of your business.

Whether you’re planning a new commercial build, upgrading your lighting systems, or ensuring compliance through testing and inspection, we bring expertise, reliability, and innovation to every project.

Testing And Inspection

Ensure the safety and compliance of your commercial space with our comprehensive testing and inspection services. Our skilled electricians conduct thorough assessments, identifying potential issues and ensuring your electrical systems meet regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind and a secure working environment.

Office Refurbishment

Revitalise your workspace with our expert electrical solutions tailored for office refurbishments. From strategic lighting design to efficient power distribution, our electricians work closely with you to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your office environment.

New Build Commercial Premises

Embark on your commercial venture with confidence by entrusting your electrical needs to us. Our electricians specialise in designing and installing electrical systems for new commercial premises, ensuring they meet the demands of your business while adhering to safety standards.

Distribution Board Upgrades

Optimise the performance and safety of your electrical distribution with our distribution board upgrade services. We assess your current setup and implement modern, efficient distribution boards that enhance the reliability and functionality of your commercial electrical infrastructure.

Cable Containment Systems

Organise and protect your cables with our cable containment system installations. Our electricians design and implement solutions that not only enhance safety but also provide a neat and efficient way to manage the complex network of cables in your commercial space.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Save energy and enhance the lighting quality in your commercial space with our LED lighting upgrades. Our electricians specialise in the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting systems that not only reduce costs but also create a well-lit and productive environment.

Emergency Lighting

Prioritise safety in your commercial space with our emergency lighting installations. Our electricians design and implement reliable emergency lighting systems that ensure a safe evacuation during unforeseen events, meeting regulatory requirements for commercial establishments.

Data Cabling

Empower your business with efficient communication networks through our data cabling services. Our electricians are experienced in designing and installing structured cabling systems, providing your commercial space with reliable and high-speed data connectivity.


Enhance the security of your commercial premises with our CCTV installations. Our electricians design and deploy comprehensive surveillance systems, offering you peace of mind by ensuring the safety and protection of your business assets.

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Whether you’re planning a new project, undergoing an office refurbishment, or seeking to upgrade your commercial electrical systems, Scott Electrical South is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise can elevate the functionality, safety, and efficiency of your commercial space.